Betty Steels


I had the pleasure of discovering this enchanting singer in the summer of 2008. Betty Steels lures you into her dream world with an inviting gaze that  leads you to the shores of wonderland. This photo shoot was such an organic experience that truly gave me insights into capturing the soul of an Artist.

‘As Betty confesses, some of her favourite things in life are going in to my own mind and daydreaming up the most uplifting and imaginable things possible and, playing out films in my head that and big hot bubblebaths, lying in late afternoon sun…’ This refreshing singer songwriter has a radiant, infectious tone that is as original as it is surreal.
‘Early comparisons have seen her likened to artists such as Jack Johnson, Sia, early Bjork and even the more random accessible moments of Coco Rosie. However, in truth Betty and her music would be more at home cycling in tandem through the cobbled Parisian streets of a Jean Phillip Jeunet film set as she is inspired by the idiosyncrasies of every day life in particularly people’s shy, awkward and quirky traits, having crushes, love, annoying people and being frightened. Therefore, it is no surprise that her main musical ambition harks back to the quality that is abundant throughout her music and that is simply for people to like Betty for Betty.’