Working with Muntu Valdo was a rare pleasure. This veteran oozes an air of timelessness and cosmic awareness that translates into vivid concepts and soundscapes enriched by his visceral melodies and a hidden understanding of the unknown.

“Vocalist, guitarist, harmonica player and percussionist, Muntu Valdo was first discovered alongside some of the great names of world music including Ali Farka Touré, Manu Dibango, Lady Blacksmith Mambazo Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza, Eko Roosevelt, Lionel & Stéphane Belmondo, Keziah Jones, Alpha Blondy. His music is rooted in the blues, mixing African traditions with striking modernity and technical mastery; his mesmerizing solo set juxtaposes his raw, passionate voice and intensely emotive melodies with an ingenious use of loops, samples and effects.” – SERIOUS

Backing his sensitive guitar playing and dreamy, voice with distinctively textured, self-created loops and rhythms, London-based, Cameroonian one-man band Valdo translates a compelling live sound successfully to disc. The best tracks have an airy, poetic feel that’s a bit Brazilian, a bit Cape Verdean, while keeping a toe in the world of international busking folk.

“Using a box of tricks to double-track his guitar and voice live, Muntu added layers of sound to create full-textured, soft songs about peace, love and Cameroonian witchcraft and charmed the audience.” The Financial Times

To listen to the hypnotic sounds of this Blues Maestro, Visit:

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